BENGAY vs. CopperGel: Which is better for muscle pain?

BENGAY vs. CopperGel: Which is better for muscle pain?

March 14, 2018

How Muscle Pain Relief Products Work

There are a number of pain relief products on the market and I’m sure you’re familiar with most of them. The majority of them using the same ingredients to accomplish the same thing. Usually a topical cream or gel used on the joint or massaged into a muscle. Bengay is amongst the more popular pain relief products, but they lack one main ingredient that make CopperGel, well, CopperGel.

How CopperGel relieves muscle pain:

As stated, CopperGel isn't the first pain relief cream to hit the market. However, it's the first to use the healing properties of copper.

Copper has been a pain remedy for centuries, most commonly worn as a bracelet to mitigate the pain and swelling of osteoarthritis. Over the years, copper has far surpassed its reputation as an old folk tale, as scientist and doctors do more research on The Theory of Trapped Electricity.

The Theory of Trapped Electricity is a theory that focuses on electricity as the cause of pain. A damaged nerve traps electricity in your body causing a hyper-production of electrical activity— trapped in a confined area causing what we know as the pain sensation. Copper, similar to a magnet, is believed to help break up and reduce that electricity causing pain.

This Theory has been eye-opening and justified a lot of what people expected of copper already. Though, even without this theory copper is still a powerhouse ingredient.

Yes, CopperGel is a topical cream, but with the help of copper, it works deeper to relieve pain. Copper is an essential nutrient for the human body critical to the formation of red blood cells.

Copper also helps form collagen, a key part of bones and connective tissue. This is much more than a tingly sensation on the skin that you’re used to with BENGAYS traditional menthol cream, CopperGel works harder to knockout pain.

How BENGAY relieves muscle pain:

BENGAY has been a valid pain relief for many years because of its use of menthol, a peppermint like herb that helps with inflammation. Menthol is a large part of why BENGAY is famous for pain relief.

Sadly, the majority of BENGAY’S other active ingredients, causing the cooling effect on the skin, are only a distraction from the pain instead of a true relief from it. CopperGel also uses menthol because of its anti-inflammatory properties, but of course added the benefit of copper to take pain relief to the next level.

Why CopperGel is superior to BENGAY for treating muscle pain:

It’s clear that with copper, CoppeGel already has a leg up to BENGAY, but ingredients aren’t the only superior thing— ease of use is also important. BENGAY comes in a tube which for the most part has worked well. Getting menthol cream accidentally in our eyes is something we’ve come to expect, even after washing our hands. CopperGel set out to make pain relief faster and easier on all accounts, which includes packaging and application.

CopperGel comes in a roll-on, for roll-on relief. A roll-on gets rid of the hassle of having it all over your hands and allows for a more targeted application. No washing of the hands, no burning eyes, just pain relief.

BENGAY is typically used by an older generation for things like arthritis, minor aches and pain. It has become outdated simply because pain management has outgrown the traditional menthol cream.

CopperGel is for the fighters, the athletes, the go-getters—it’s for everyday pain relief. No ones knows this better than Mike Tyson, Undisputed World Heavyweight Boxing Champion:

"I have tried every pain relief under the sun and nothing works better than CopperGel. I was so impressed with CopperGel that I invested in the company!" - Mike Tyson

Brian Shaw, Four-Time World’s Strongest Man Champion said this about CopperGel:

“I’m a professional weight lifter… after every competition I need fast acting relief… and CopperGel delivers like a champion.”

CopperGel works as hard you do to Knock Out Pain. Try it today with a guarantee of pain relief or your money back. 

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