CopperGel - Clinically Proven Pain Relief

Whether you’re a world-class athlete or weekend warrior, you can trust CopperGel for proven, pill-free, pain relief!

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Why Should You Use  CopperGel™?

  • Copper is an Essential Nutrient for the Body
  • Ultra-Fast Muscle and Joint Pain Relief
  • Made With Real Copper
  • Perfect for Arthritis Pain
  • Used by Top Athletes Around the Globe

Athletes trust CopperGel to destroy joint and muscle pain. Copper has been an essential material to man since prehistoric times. CopperGel is the first clinically proven copper-infused pain relief gel.

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All new CopperGel is designed by athletes, for athletes. No other copper-based pain relief product is clinically proven to fight pain like CopperGel.

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Do You Push Your Body to the Limit?

The pure copper contained in CopperGel has many health benefits. Hear what pro athletes have to say about CopperGel:


"Nobody knows pain better than I do! I have tried every pain relief under the sun and nothing works better than CopperGel. I was so impressed with CopperGel that I invested in the company!"


“Feel the cooling relief of CopperGel Ice!”
“CopperGel…fasting acting and long lasting!”
“CopperGel…tough on pain…not on smell.”

Urijah Faber

“I’ve given out and received a few well placed leg kicks…after I would always I use CopperGel to get relief. It works for me”